I’m a freelance writer and my short stories have been published in magazines such as Woman’s Weekly, My Weekly, Best, Take A Break, The People’s Friend, Candis and The Weekly News as well as many other magazines here in the UK and internationally.

I organise writing events and workshops and am also an experienced speaker. I’ve contributed to community writing projects and maintain the social media presence for Dorset Writers Network. I am Dorset Reviews Editor for Frost magazine.

Stories are my passion.

Although I’m originally from Lincolnshire  I’ve lived on the south coast of England for almost 30 years – and I love it. We’re very lucky to have so much variety on our doorstep: the beautiful rugged coastline of the Jurassic Coast, breathtaking views over the Purbecks, the vast green and gold of the New Forest.

I love being out and about with my dog, Harry as it gives me time to think and dream. I feel very blessed to be able to walk out from the bottom of my garden and into acres and acres of common land that is thick with pine, gorse and silver birch. Rain or shine there is always something to see, something to admire, something to be still for.

You can contact me for workshops, public speaking and manuscript appraisal at tracy@tracybaines.co.uk